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Keeping Up With Your AC Maintenance

Aside from the yearly or seasonally maintenance that your service technicians perform, there are a few things that you can do to prolong the life of your AC maintenance Bountiful, UT. Having a good maintenance regimen and sticking to it is by far the most proactive way to ensure you and your family don’t have any breakdowns on those long hot summer days.

Here are some ‘in-home’ maintenance items that should be addressed on a regular basis.

Filter Changes

Make sure that your AC system has a clean filter at all times. Periodically check the filter to see how long it will be before replacing. A good rule of thumb is to replace the filter on the first day of every month, but keep an eye on it throughout the month just to be sure. If you have indoor pets such as a cat, for instance, you might want to replace the filter about every three weeks.

Also, look at the filter you have chosen to filter the air in your home. With all the new airborne threats today it might be time to for that cheap filter to be upgraded to a more efficient one for the health benefit of your family.

Unrestricted Air Flow

After the filter changing process, go through the house and check all the vents in every room. Make sure that every room is getting that fresh supply of cool comfortable air by making sure all the vent registers are in proper working order and replace any of them that aren’t opening and closing properly.

Check on the Outdoor Unit

It is also a good idea to check on the condensing unit that sits outside your home. Sometimes, limbs and other debris can lodged up against them restricting their ability to provide the condensing part of the AC cycle.

Make yourself a chart with these items on them and post the chart where you can see it all times and keep up with your end of the AC installation Bountiful, UT regimen.

At Blue Best, we specialize in AC Maintenance and repairs in Layton and Bountiful, UT. As the summer bids farewell and you prepare for the colder months here in Layton, UT, you need to make sure your HVAC system is in good condition. After running your AC unit through the summer, it will finally receive some rest. This is the ideal time for quick maintenance work to ensure everything is functioning smoothly. At Blue Best, we provide the best AC repair and maintenance services here in the Layton and Bountiful region.

Importance of Regular AC Maintenance

Your AC is constantly running throughout the summer months, and AC maintenance at the end of it will be like a reward for all its efforts. Our technicians in Layton and Bountiful, Utah, will check the AC unit to ensure it operates fine. Regular AC maintenance prevents breakdowns from occurring as any minor problems can be identified and dealt with before they cause any serious issues. In the long run, by spending on maintenance, you are saving yourself from sudden large expenditures if your AC breaks down and needs to be replaced. You will also save on electricity costs through regular maintenance as your AC will run more efficiently.

AC Maintenance in Layton and Bountiful, UT

As part of our maintenance package, our mechanics will look at various components of your HVAC. These processes include filter cleaning, vent cleaning, and checking the condensing unit. The filter is one of the essential parts of your HVAC unit. Therefore it is necessary to ensure it is clean and debris free since all the air in your house that you breathe passes through that filter. As part of your AC maintenance, we will also check all the vents to ensure there are no blockages so there can be unrestricted airflow in every room. Sometimes, the outdoor condensing unit is neglected, but we at Technic Air Mechanicals will ensure it is functioning fine. Our mechanics will also give you tips on performing essential maintenance work on your own to keep things in great shape.

Our Other Services

Here at Blue Best, we specialize in all services related to your HVAC unit and assist you with the same. We offer the best AC services, repairsinstallations, and maintenance in Layton and Bountiful, UT. We also install heaters, thermostats, and water heaters and can conduct their maintenance and repairs. Apart from the HVAC unit, we also help with ductwork, ventilation work, and planning and designing specialty rooms like wine cellars or barns. If you want to try something different, we provide the option of installing ductless AC and heaters. Check out our website at Blue Best to know more about these.

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