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Things to Try Before Scheduling an AC Repair

So you are just sitting there watching TV in your nicely cooled and comfy living room when all of a sudden the AC stops. Dead silent. And it promptly takes about 30 seconds before you start to feel those sweltering temperatures outside. Sound like anything that’s ever happened to you? We’ve all been there.

Before you grab your phone to discuss the need of an AC repair with your AC service professional, do yourself and your wallet a favor. Try these commonplace quick fixes before you start negotiating the AC repair bill.

Check The Thermostat

Sometimes your thermostat might for whatever reason, get moved into a position that allows the unit to stop before completing its job. That is, it might be set at 73 but accidentally get bumped up to 80. Simply resetting the thermostat is sometimes all that needs to be done!

This might also indicate that you need to upgrade your thermostat to one of the more efficiently operating digital ones. With these mini-computer thermostats all you set is the degree that you want your room to stay at. No side switches or levers to complicate things.

Check The Circuit Breaker

Nothing would be more embarrassing than calling for an AC repair, when all that was needed was to reset the circuit breaker! Do your wallet and your ego a big favor here and see if the circuit breaker has been tripped. After a simple resetting of the breaker, the AC unit roars back to life! And you continue watching TV with your money still safe and sound at the bank!

These are some of the more common problems that help you to avoid having an all out AC repair. Just know that these simple fixes won’t last forever and sooner or later you will indeed need to schedule an AC repair!