AC Service In Layton, UT

AC Service in Layton, Bountiful, North Salt Lake, Farmington, UT and Surrounding Areas

Getting a Good AC Service

Right along with providing your AC with a good maintenance regimen, would be getting a good overall servicing of the AC unit. From time to time servicing will be required to keep the manufacturer’s warranty from being void. If the company that replaced your AC doesn’t provide you with a maintenance and servicing program, they can more than likely tell you who does.

Here are some things that you will want make sure are included with your AC service.

Cleaning The Coils

Cleaning the dirty coils of an AC system can literally bring it back to life. If the unit is not properly removing heat from your home chances are you have a dirty or blocked air discharge area around the coils. The coils are where all the hot air is removed and replaced with cold, comfortable air.

Any good AC service will include a thorough cleaning of both the evaporator and condenser coils. Clean coils and unblocked cooling fins can make your unit run more efficiently saving you money on your energy bill. So keep those coils clean!

Electrical, Plumbing, and Refrigerant

Your AC service tech will also check the entire electrical harness of your AC system. Everything from the indoor thermostat operation to the condenser fan motors, every component of the electrical system should be checked and repaired or replaced as needed.

The plumbing lines will be inspected and cleaned as well. Most AC systems have some sort of drain line extending away from the cooling unit. This is to carry away condensate water from the evaporator coil. If these lines become clogged, the water in them could back up into the drain pan causing some major electrical problems. Make sure those drain lines are running free and clear!

The key component of an AC service is checking the refrigerant levels to make sure that they are within company suggested specs. This will keep your unit running at peak performance as well as keep your warranty up to date.

These are just some highlights that you can expect from a good AC service.