HVAC Maintenance Plan In Layton, UT

HVAC Maintenance Plan in Layton, Bountiful, North Salt Lake, Farmington, UT and Surrounding Areas

Your HVAC Maintenance Plan

There are certain things homeowners need to do to ensure their HVAC continues working well. If left alone, the HVAC could develop problems that could shorten its lifespan. Here are five HVAC maintenance tips for homeowners.

Pay Attention

The simplest maintenance task is simply paying attention to your HVAC system. If you notice that it is making unusual noises or if your heating or cooling doesn’t seem to be working effectively, it’s time to call in a professional.

Change Filters

A filter’s job is to ensure that any material that shouldn’t be circulated into the home is caught and stopped. If the filter becomes full of debris, it is not going to work correctly. In this case, your home could become filled with items like dirt or dust, and it is going to put a strain on the HVAC system.

Tend to AC/Heat Units

If your AC or Heat Unit is located outside, it is imperative that you keep it clean of any kind of debris. If sticks, grass, leaves, etc, get stuck in the unit, it will affect the unit’s efficiency. It will either cause the unit to work harder than necessary or cause it to stop working completely.

If the unit is located inside, the same concept applies. Make sure nothing is butting up against the unit and ensure that dirt or dust is not accumulating inside.

Regular Maintenance

One of the most crucial tasks for a homeowner in regard to their HVAC unit is getting regular maintenance completed. A certified technician will notice if something seems to be wrong with the unit and can suggest what to do to fix the issue. They will also be able to complete any yearly tasks that need to be completed to keep the unit running.

Ductwork Inspection

Over time, it’s possible your ductwork can become clogged. This is especially relevant if you have pets that are releasing fur into the air. Every few years, you should have your ducts checked to make sure there are no blockages. If there are, these will need to be taken care of, or they will cause the unit’s efficiency to go down. It could even cause the unit to stop working entirely. 

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