Carolee Romney

Blue Best is amazing! Casey, the technician that came to tune up my furnaces, was so informative; she clearly knows her stuff. This was the first time a woman worked on my furnace. Being a woman myself, it was refreshing to have a fellow female come. Normally I wouldn’t stay and watch what the technician was doing, but Casey told me she’d teach me about the furnaces if I’d like to watch her work. Now I know what the inducer is! And I learned that when the furnace is working efficiently, the flame should ideally be blue and steady. My basement furnace is old, noisy, and needs to be replaced; but Casey said that since we don’t use it all the time, it would be okay for a few more months of use, and that probably just replacing the inducer would give the furnace a few more years if we weren’t ready to replace it quite yet. Regarding the newer larger furnace, she gave me tips for changing the filter during and after our upcoming remodel so that we’ll save money on filters in the long run (by using cheaper thinner filters and changing them weekly during the construction). She was all about us getting the most out of our furnace, and not trying to take advantage of me by making a sell.

Casey was happy to answer my questions and told me everything she was doing. Not only did she educate me about my furnaces, she checked out my water heater and told me how to flush it. She also showed me that a plastic bag my husband had laid on top of it had melted, indicating that that is not the best place to put such things. She noticed a gash in the venting that could potentially leak CO, and told me I could easily repair it with metal tape. And she pointed out that water heaters now require two earthquake straps to meet code.

I would highly recommend Blue Best to everyone I know! I was very impressed by their desire to educate their customers. I know that my heating and cooling needs are in good hands with Blue Best.