Sabrena Suite-Mangum

In 15 years of marriage, I have NEVER seen my husband get excited about a home repair person. Well, Casey changed all of that.

I was not home for the whole service call, just caught the end — we had been recommended by a friend.

But I could not believe that there could be such a difference in levels of customer service for repair personnel… my husband said Casey was so knowledgeable, friendly and (unlike so may repairmen) was not the least bit condescending. The EXACT OPPOSITE ACTUALLY.

After Casey had left, I casually asked my husband how things went—expecting a “fine.” (He is not one to get excited/elevated about much more than college football); but he said “Really great, actually!”

It kind of caught me off guard.

I know this sounds a bit fantastical, and I’m not one to normally leave reviews — so I’m just as surprised as you are that HVAC could pull such an emotional response.

We’re having them come back to do some additional work and already plan for the return visit for the AC later this spring.

Highly recommended!